Monday, March 19, 2012


Well the weather and my health have taken a turn for the better. The sun is shining and I feel much better, and I know I have not posted in a while due to there is not much to say, So maybe I will just say what is on my mind { warning bitch alter }. There is a saying that something is only worth what you are willing to pay for it and I agree so why are we { the country as a whole } willing to pay more for thing then they are worth. Is a gallon of gas really worth 4.00 is the car your driving really worth 30,000 the house you live in 2-300,000. do we need 2-4000 sq ft homes etc.. I know times are tough I for one have lived in the lower income bracket all my life so I have learned to do with less but the problem is I have no more to give. Due to health issues and the economy I now live on the income of what most people bring home in a week for the whole month and support 2 people on that income yes I do get public assistance but that has been cut back to less then 130 amonth. But food and medical cost have gone up as has living expenses in general, this is what I feel is the reason we are seeing more crime on the news etc.. people are desperate they will do anything to survive even steal. I for one will not do this but many will we have forgotten our neighbors and neighborhoods the kids have no teachers of moral the schools have stop teaching our children to think, and the advertising companies have told us we need expensive cars, houses, clothing, we need over priced things yes even tools. I have been watching things on E-Bay {hoping for a windfall of money lol} and see things like broken miter boxes go for $100+ are we for real? So to wrap this up { I could keep going but feel I may cross a line some where} YES! I feel cheated Yes! I feel like the world has lost it's mind and I feel as if it is going to be a very long hard road for me ahead to get things going when I have to decide whether to buy food and {or} med or a file to sharpen  a saw I bought for $20.00.